Why Macroeconomics is important for a Business Strategy?

Appropriate decision making is the strength of the business. A marketing strategy for a new product needs to foresee potential market demand, estimated market size, a forecast of purchasing power, governmental policies, etc. All are some of the important factors calling for decisions in the business where macroeconomics may be applied for better results...

Marketing is just a piece of cake

Many people misunderstand and misuse between marketing and advertisement. Let think about Marketing simply but clearly! An effective marketing strategy can reshape your business quickly and help thriving it much faster than you may think.

StartUps: Don’t mess up during the first years

A startup is a long journey with a lot of pains, efforts, struggling to survive and to grow. During this period of time, you and your company are both physically and mentally weak and vulnerable. As a result, you easily change your ideas, change your approach, change your strategy and objectives, etc. In fact, you tend to change everything...

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