Don’t misunderstand: Know the difference between a name and a brand

A Brand can voice and it matters

Why some people just make appointments at StarBucks? Why you trust and follow advises of Tony Robin or Warren Buffet? Why you buy great value goods with a thinking of “it’s not an important stuff so I can buy it this time”? Because a personal brand or a product brand has a position in your mind and it creates an emotion every time you hear of or think of it. It matters to you because you love, like or trust its personality and characteristics. It becomes something relevant to you, associated with you and most of the time, it honors you.

A name is speechless until it is built successfully

What if you are a start-up? What if your product is new? A brand is built purposely and consistently through a period of time (uncertain time – short or long, it depends on your investment). Like putting each and every brick to build a wall until you can see a full house of your style, architecting a brand means you construct a brand foundation, build brand values (pillars), brand images (walls and roof), brand associations (trees and gardens). Therefore, at the new-born phase of a company or a product, it is very important to draw a clear picture about its future and a strategic roadmap to nurture at a right way. Very similar to a baby, a brand just cries until it can speak out the very first word, and takes time to grow up until it becomes a mature man to express his ideas smoothly. You will say that sometimes a voice of a baby is heard carefully? Yes, you are right.  Voice of a baby is heard by its parents. So, unless you are its parents, who else care?

Why brand or name is considered?

Seven years ago, when I worked for a company in construction materials field, I encountered a Sales Manager who always required to drop prices every time our competitors tried in the market. The reason for price dropping is that: our product has the same features; it is just a commodity with tiny differences; we need to protect our sales and gain more markets, etc. Sound familiar? Marketers, if you are not calm enough, strong enough and clear enough, you may be led to a price war and become a victim of sales’ anxiety.

I took time to explain to the Sales Manager about the situation and asked him to stay firm. The market was back to normal after one week. It turned out that our competitor ran out of the budget to keep a deep discount. They even could not get back to normal price after that promotion and got lost finally. Know your brand power wisely and don’t ruin it just because of a short-term promotion!

Happy Marketing!




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