StartUps: Don’t mess up during the first years

A startup is a long journey with a lot of pains, efforts, struggling to survive and to grow. During this period of time, you and your company are both physically and mentally weak and vulnerable. As a result, you easily change your ideas, change your approach, change your strategy and objectives, etc. In fact, you tend to change everything as all of the things are unstable. Stay firm and pass the waves! Don’t mess up!

Break the ground

There are so many matters to consider when you are a startup: finance, strategy, product, human resource, government policies, and so on. In this article, I will focus on marketing only. However, marketing is the core of everything mentioned above. The fact that you can survive and grow sustainably or not depends on your marketing strategy.

As a new-born, you have a great chance to create everything. You can draw your picture the way you want. So, do it correctly! Here I will provide you with some guides and tools that help you lighten your burden. Crucial things you need to consider:

  • A name: Visit these sites to pick the name wisely or
  • A website: Build your website FREE and stylish at or
  • Photos for your website: Go or
  • Social media touches such as Facebook fanpageYouTube, Instagram,etc.
  • Think of keywords for Google SEO (Find a freelancer if you don’t master SEO. It saves time, energy and money for you. And remember, time is money equally.)
  • Think of legally registering your brand-name and product names carefully. Many companies run for a long time without registering their names properly and lose a huge amount of money due to losing their brand controls. The others have to change their brands, spend money and time to put the new name into customers’ mind.
  • Carry out a long-term marketing strategy and short-term marketing tactics

Differentiate yourself from a unique image

It is hard to find out a different point in hundreds of similar products and services these days when technologies and information spread at speed of light. However, don’t worry too much! You don’t need to differentiate the whole thing or everything. Think of 1% of product or service that you can add an extra to your potential customers. Yes, 1% is enough for a competition of costing vs satisfaction. For example, if your business is a restaurant, offering your customers a small piece of chewing gum at the end of the meal can give them a positive emotion of your caring. You can see that the cost is so tiny as compared with what you get: loyal customers.

Stay firm, stay strong

It is too easy to get influenced by our family and friends, competitors, and even customers during the dawn of your business. Some opinions may sound very reliable, however, it is only you who know exactly your strategy and goals. Therefore, any change needs to be considered very carefully, deeply and objectively. If the change is necessary, you also need to consider the time to change. Don’t change too fast and too often! It shocks your customers! Test the change and do it gradually. Come back to the example of a restaurant business, if you see the menu of the restaurant change every time you visit, do you want to come back again?

Don't let fear be a roadblock

Don’t be a perfectionist!

Every product and service need time to improve. Your first version should be perfect. Yes, but it is only in theory. In reality, it is hard to do that. Even after an extensive training, the staff of five stars hotel still make mistake in the first months. A continuous on-the-job training will help you perfect your team. I do not mean that you should ignore the importance of the perfect presentation of your new brand. The first impression is very important, of course. But the impression is an emotional perception, which may be different from your customers and yours. Thus, conducting a short survey with your customers is very useful. Everything is perfect if your customers are happy. And that is all you need to do.

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Do you think this article is helpful? Please leave a comment to encourage me to continue my supports to other start-ups. Or, if you need a consultancy for your own business case, don’t hesitate to contact me right below.

Happy Marketing!



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