9 Important tips for killer introduction videos

Every business starts with a strategy. So does a video.

Before we dive deep, let’s watch an introduction video that I have made for a company.

It may take weeks to create a strong introduction video for a company, a product, or a service. And some marketers are still afraid of videos due to higher cost they need to pay for paid channels or ads. However, 60% of customers prefer to see more videos, and Facebook, Google, Youtube are all strongly supporting video contents. So, why are you still hesitate to take an action?

Mind the steps

Below is a short summary of steps for producing a video. The lead time may vary because of content’s complexity, available resources, etc. But, if you can follow those steps, I  assure that you have a good video.


Mind the path

According to contentmarketinginstitutes.com, to get the most from video investment, you need to consider the below:

  1. Invest in the process, not just the product: Your video strategy should be considered part and parcel of your content marketing strategy – not an indie feature.
  2. Keep your end goal in mind: Whether it’s awareness, leads, or another goal, every video you create should have a purpose – and a means of fulfilling it.
  3. Write a script your audience will want to follow: Video content runs the risk of getting bogged down by overly complex ideas, heavy jargon, or focusing on too many things all at once.
  4. Know when to host and when to post: Before you distribute your video content, give it a home base. Host the video on your site using a video platform like Vimeo, Brightcove, or Wistia. Using popular video-distribution platforms like YouTube can help get your video in front of a larger audience.
  5. Set the right stage for social plays: Should you share your videos everywhere and anywhere, or only on certain social channels? Will it benefit your brand to get your video uploaded and running immediately when a new social network emerges, or would it be wiser to wait until others have tested the waters? The answers to questions like these – and most other distribution channel decisions you need to make – lie in your buyer personas. Knowing who your audience is, how and where they like to spend their online time, and which channels they prefer for what tasks will help you choose the social networks that offer the best potential for engaging your audience’s interest in your video content.
  6. Include a transcript: Search engines aren’t as adept at indexing video content as they are with text. Creating a full transcript of the copy included in your video helps you overcome this SEO shortfall.
  7. Tag your work: Add relevant tags, titles, and descriptions to the metadata of your video content. This will help get your videos associated with your target keywords and get them indexed to rank for relevant content searches.
  8. Push videos to influencers, subscribers, fans, and followers: A screen capture of your videos (along with a link) can be featured in an email that you send to the members of your mailing list. This alerts your audience that you have new video content for them to check out, and gives you a forum for requesting their feedback and asking them to help you spread the word.
  9. Track attention span to evaluate value: Engagement data can provide important insights on your audience’s preferences and behaviours, which you can use to refine and customize your video strategy. For example, if you notice that prospects are dropping off 10 seconds into your videos, your intros might need to be trimmed.

Need more ideas on how to create a killer video content? Or you do not have the tool to make it? Contact me for the whole process from initiating ideas until a final video. You have my service. 

Happy Marketing!


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