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Hi there!

I am Phung Ngo. I am a certified PMI Professional Business Analyst and a Marketing Coach. I have engaged in Marketing field for over ten years at different companies such as CPM Group of Marketing, Samsung Electronics, etc. I graduated Master of Marketing in Paris 1 Patheon Sorbonne in 2011 and now I am living in Montreal, Canada.

I made this blog with the objectives to help Start-Ups and Small business owners to have a good contact for all Marketing related matters. I understand deeply how hard you face during the first years as I were also a Start-Up a few years ago before moving to Canada.

I am very happy if you find my blog helpful on your journey. If you stay in Montreal, we can have a coffee to discuss. Otherwise, it is good to get in touch with emails or you can leave comments on my posts.

In case you need my professional consultancy for your business case, I will work with you in specific details. Basically, we will go through in-depth interviews, business analysis, business strategies and execution plan. Nevertheless, we can have a short discussion for preliminary assessment before we reach an agreement for consultancy jobs.

I hope we have an opportunity to reshape your plan together. Contact me if you wish to have a strategy which can transform your business.

Are you ready? Know me more with this video.



Please leave your contact below. I will circle back shortly.

Happy Marketing!



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